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WeMakeVR is an internationally renowned pioneering XR-company (VR, AR, MR and emerging technologies). Since its inception in 2013, it developed into one of the most award-winning VR-companies in the Netherlands. We continually explore news ways of storytelling, develop best practices, new technologies and workflows. has developed VR-experiences for broadcast-formats such as “The Voice”, recording artists such a Platinum-recording artist Brainpower, brand names such as Tommy Hilfiger, musical institutions amongst which the New York Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Berliner Philharmoniker. We produced the world’s first fully stereoscopic-3D VR music video, which was award the Guinness World Record. Google’s Youtube team have internally ranked our VR-work among the best.

Avinash Changa, the founder, is a true VR-evangelist and speaks at many large industry conferences such as The Next Web, MIT’s EmTech, CodeMotion Europe, etc. about VR’s role in the future of other industries. In addition to producing content and sharing knowledge, we research and develop best practices for VR-storytelling and production techniques.

We also work with universities and support projects to research meaningful applications, such as educational experiences, or ways to help elderly people explore the world. Our core goal is to bring people moments of joy, and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality are our tools of choice.
Jacob van Lennepkade 291
1054 ZV Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 775 33 33

KvK: 62735047

General contact, inc. our representation in London and Portugal:

Twitter: @wemakevr

6 minutes prime time on BBC World News Live:

WeMakeVR BBC News

WeMakeVR live at BBC News this morning!

Geplaatst door WeMakeVR op maandag 5 oktober 2015

New York Times on WeMakeVR & Tommy Hilfiger

Featured in: “Shaping the digital enterprise: trends and use cases in digital innovation and transformation”. (Gerhard Oswald; Michael Kleinemeier; Springer International Publishing AG)