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The Shoebox Diorama

Daniel Ernst is an interactive illustrator based in The Netherlands. After working in the game industry for multiple years he decided to put his research on storytelling through illusions and his love for everything 3D into practice and apply it to VR. This amalgamation resulted in an ongoing series of fantastical dioramas for virtual reality called The Shoebox Diorama. The series now consists of ‘Blocked In’, ‘Der Grosse Gottlieb’ and ‘The Marchland’ and have been shown across the globe and won and have been nominated aplenty. His dioramas have a simple goal of inspiring a sense of wonder. Daniel is currently working on his fourth diorama : ‘Die Fernweh Oper’ and his bigger narrative experiment ‘Dear Pigeon Man’.

The Shoebox Diorama
Fultonstraat 241
2562XG Den Haag
KVK: 58746722

Contactpersoon: Daniel Ernst
tel: 06 14574234

Beeld: Die Fernweh Oper